Kingdom Keepers - REGISTER HERE

Teachers: Mrs. Michele Martinez & Mrs. Linda McClure

Grade Levels: Open to all interested students in 3rd-8th grades

Meeting Times: Fridays before school, beginning 8/19

DISNEY Trip: Friday, February 7, 2020

Initial Club Fees: $60, for Session 1. Trip fees will be included in the Session 2 costs.

Minimum of 10 students are needed to schedule the Disney Trip

Kingdom Keepers Club is a book club for students in 4th-8th grades that revolves around the Kingdom Keepers series of books by Ridley Pearson. Students will engage with the books through weekly activities, such as scavenger hunts and puzzles, using content from the books. Club members will do a study of Walt Disney, the parks at Disney World and use the Kingdom Keeper website to solve challenges.  All of this is in preparation to visit one of the Disney parks in February and do a Disney-created Kingdom Keepers Quest.

The club will meet on Friday mornings before school. Club fees will be assessed in two payments. Students may join the club for the first session and then decide whether to participate in the Disney trip. Trip fees will be incorporated in the fees for the second session. The club will need ten (10) students to sign up for the trip in order to make it feasible

Please direct all questions about the club to Mrs. Michele Martinez,