Model United Nations (MUN) Team

Coaches: Mrs. Siobhan Clark and Dr. Tracy Tilotta

Grade Levels: 6th-8th grade

Meeting Time: Wednesdays before school (Session 1); Wednesday and another day TBD for Session 2

To apply: Please read below and submit video applications by September 3, 2019

Costs: $58 (estimate) per session for two sessions. Additional costs will apply if students attend a local Model UN simulation.

Model UN is an academic activity in which students work together to research and think critically about a global issue for a specific country. Once selected, MUN participants, also known as delegates, will be placed in committees and assigned countries to represent members of that body in order to discuss the topic at a UN simulation conference. Through this club, students will develop skills in speaking, writing and debating and engage in teamwork, critical thinking, and leadership activities as well as learn about international diplomacy and the United Nations.

To join the Roland Park MUN team, a letter of commitment and tryouts are required. For students, participation in MUN will include an MUN simulation experience locally.  Tryouts for Roland Park students will include submission of a video speech (maximum time: 2 minutes) on a current events topic of the student’s choice and actions to take. If a video cannot be submitted, the student may opt to submit a written opinion piece (maximum: 4 paragraph essay). Submissions are due by September 3, 2019 to the following:  Please contact Ms. Clark if there are any questions or any problems with the video submission.      

A limited number of students who qualify will be invited to participate. The team will meet for a minimum of one hour weekly before school hours (Wednesdays) beginning in September 2019 for Session 1 and then twice weekly (Wednesdays and possibly Fridays) through February 2020 for Session 2 (up to March for students who participate in a local conference).

Student registration fees will be billed in two installments (in September and November) and will cover costs for weekly practices, teacher coaching fees, and materials fees. Additional fees for the students to participate in the Model UN simulation experience are to be determined and will be requested as needed at a later time. All students who are invited to join the MUN team and their families will be asked to sign a letter of commitment indicating their pledge to follow team policies and procedures regarding attendance, homework completion, timely payment, and behavior consistent with Roland Park IB School values and expectations.