Welcome, and thank you for supporting Roland Park K-8 Magnet. 


Why do we need fundraising?

 Roland Park K-8, located in the Westshore district, is a Hillsborough County elementary and middle Magnet school with an International Baccalaureate program designation. In seven short years, Roland Park has transformed from a Title I school to a best-in-class institution. Roland Park is a culturally diverse school, with a 64% minority rate and 36% of the students economically disadvantaged.

 Unfortunately, state funding for schools has diminished in recent years. Florida ranks 42nd in the country for per student public school funding, spending only $7,300 per student vs. the national average of $11,500. That’s $4,000 (or 36%) BELOW the national average. Funding per student increased by $0.47 this year vs. last year. This tremendously affects the resources the schools and teachers have to elevate our citizens of the future.  

How do we spend the money raised?

Last year, the school raised over $85,000 which funded new technology, classroom enrichment and supplies, teacher training and materials, Related Arts, and programs at Roland Park.

Beginning with the 2018-2019 school year, a Foundation has been established to house and distribute all Roland Park K-8 funds that are raised (outside of PTSA program funds and Fun Run funds), with a multi-year strategic plan that leads the funding strategy (RP 2020). The RP 2020 Strategic Plan  outlines how funds will be spent, including hardware upgrades and educational software licenses, Related Arts (French and Spanish, Strings, Music, Band, Art, Yearbook, TV Production, and Physical Fitness), teacher training, field trip scholarships, immersion experiences, and infrastructure projects.

What are appropriate funding sources?

Fundraising sources include:

 The school’s annual "Fun Run/Walk-A-Thon"

  • RP 2020’s Dragon Donor Annual Giving Campaign (a one-time ask for families and corporate giving) and Dragon Fire Ball Auction
  • PTSA’s fundraising through Spirit Wear apparel, Spirit Night at local restaurants, and Box Tops for Education
  • Other sources such as Donors Choose and grants.

Why Should I Donate?

Our children today will be our leaders tomorrow. As the state and Hillsborough County School District have eliminated funds and services previously provided such as upgrading and replacing outdated computers and technology, funding teacher training, subsidizing educational software in the classrooms, maintaining infrastructure, and supporting capital improvement projects, alternative funding sources need to be obtained to achieve the overall experience that we expect our children to receive in a school setting.

Your tax-deductible donation will help Roland Park surpass state standards and transform the school. When children and others in the community see you donating money, they are much more likely to adopt a giving mindset as they grow up. Additionally, donors will receive a variety of benefits, including volunteer opportunities that embrace the IB principles. Every dollar helps.