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JOIN THE 2018-2019 MYP Parent Team

Please consider joining the 2018-2019 MYP Parent Team.
Each grade has one Lead parent that will send out grade
specific emails. The rest of the team will assist with Box Top
collection, bulletin boards (as needed), Sign-Up Genius for Gala
Basket and the MYP Fall/Spring dance for 6 th -8 th Grade.

No application is necessary but the online HCPS form will need to be on file for the new school year!

This is a much smaller time commitment than PYP. It is also a
great way to get involved and meaningfully impact your
student’s MYP experience. On top of that, it lots of fun meeting
other wonderful MYP Parents!!!!!!!

If you are interested in joining the MYP Parent Team for the
2018-2019 school year, please contact the VP of Middle School
(MYP), Julie Laird at: vpmyp@rolandparkptsa.org

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