Facts About Florida Public Education Spending:

Florida ranks 3rd in the nation for number of students enrolled in institutions of public education but is 41st in public school funding

Florida per pupil spending is $7,408 whereas the national AVERAGE is $11,500

50% of all Public Education Capital Outlay (PECO) funds go to charter schools when they make up only 11%. Why is this important? The PECO fund provides Florida school districts with money for upkeep of existing schools as well as money for building new schools in growing communities. PECO funds are desperately needed in Hillsborough County, yet year after year, PECO funds are disproportionately and increasingly diverted to charters schools.

Last fall, Hillsborough County voters approved a half-cent public school investment referendum.  Proceeds raised from this referendum have already been put to work in our school.  Roland Park is scheduled for roof repairs, among other campus improvements.