Welcome to the Dragon Drama Club! REGISTER HERE!

Teacher: Mrs. Deborah Steinfeld (deborah.steinfeld@sdhc.k12.fl.us)

Grades: 3rd-8th

Meeting Times: Mondays after school until 4:30pm (this is the end time for early release and non-early release Mondays.)

Cost: $100, billed in two installments of $50. There is also an option to make a donation toward sponsoring another student for the Dragon Drama Club.

The Dragon Drama Club is an afterschool club established to support the production of an annual school musical. The club is open to students in 3rd-8th grades who wish to participate in this year's musical "Frozen" in late April. Interested students can tryout for roles or interview to work backstage on this production.  Auditions will be held after school on 9/16, 9/17 and 9/18. Please pick up an audition packet from Mrs. Steinfeld prior to the audition dates. The cast will be announced on or before 10/4 and club meetings/rehearsals will begin on Monday, 10/7 with club registration opening at that point.

Club membership will be billed in two installments in October and January and will help offset the costs for the production including weekly practices, the rights and books for the musical, sets, costumes, other equipment, rehearsal expenses and the program. 

Please direct all questions to Mrs. Steinfeld.