Dear Roland Park Family,

Welcome and greetings for the 2020-2021 school year from the Roland Park PTSA!  Whether you are on campus or at home, the need for support and advocacy still remains for our students and teachers.  If you are like me, a little help especially for moms will be greatly appreciated!

My name is Michelle Blalock, and I am the newly elected President of the Roland Park K-8 PTSA.  This school year will be unlike anything any of us have ever experienced and to make this the best year possible, it is very important for our Roland Park families to be connected, to communicate any needs, challenges or issues experienced or observed so they can be quickly addressed.  To that point, we have a new communications platform that will be extremely helpful.  The platform is MemberHub and it is an effective tool for building community, engaging families, advocating for our students and teachers and raising funds.  Please take this opportunity to join now, we are better together!

Joining is simple!   Below is the link to create your MemberHub Communications account and join PTSA; please click below:

Join PTSA now and get our $10 Mask & Membership Special 

Also, gain access to virtual opportunities that include:

*Virtual PTSA voting rights

*Virtual learning resources 

*Virtual shopping experiences 

*Virtual family nights 

*Virtual presentations 

*Virtual ways to support our students, teachers and parents.

The PTSA Executive Board along with your help, is looking forward to making the 2020/2021 school year as productive and fun as possible in this virtual environment.  The ultimate goal is to ensure our children have everything they need to effectively learn and grow this school year with as little stress as possible for everyone.  We can do this by joining together!  The Roland Park PTSA will promote collaboration and engagement of families, teachers, administrators, staff and all those at Roland Park involved in the lives of our children.  When you join PTSA you join that collective voice!  I hope you will get connected and join the mission!

Again, to create your MemberHub Communications account and join PTSA for our $10 Mask & Membership Special please click below:

Thank you for the opportunity to serve our school and Roland Park families.  Please feel free to reach out to me or any of our Executive Board Members below. We would love to hear ideas you may be willing to lead this school year! 

Stay Healthy & Happy, 

Michelle Blalock


Roland Park K-8 PTSA President 2020-2021


Past President Kathy Massing


Recording Secretary Erika Morse


Treasurer Shelby Ware


Corresponding Secretary Vacant


VP of Communications Becky Slocum


VP Programs Meloneese Beal


VP of After School Enrichment Michelle Rice


VP MYP Michelle Rice


VP PYP Christine Casey


Dad's Club Chair Ned Roberts