PTSA, RP 2020 and the Roland Park Foundation

What is the PTSA?

PTSA stands for Parent Teacher Student Association.  The PTSA is involved with many aspects of the school, from school wide events and after school clubs to individual classroom activities and advocacy. A strong PTSA means a better school. Visit Roland Park’s PTSA website to learn more. Please keep in mind the PTSA website is separate from the school’s website, and contains additional information relevant to you.

Is the PTSA separate from the school?

Yes, it is separate. The PTSA is a 501c3 non-profit organization and exists as a support structure for the school. PTSA has its own separate bank account and finances and is able to organize events and activities which improve the classroom experience for students and teachers. Because a large part of the PTSA is comprised of parent volunteers, parents have the opportunity to volunteer and to provide input in which areas they’d like to see improvement.

Who should become a PTSA member?

Everyone is strongly encouraged to become a PTSA member each school year. All family members, including grandparents and extended family can join. Memberships are $5 per student, individual and parent memberships and $20 dollars for family memberships (up to 4 memberships). By joining the PTSA, you support Roland Park and our students with your membership dollars, giving a voice to your student’s educational experience.

 Click here to join.

What is RP 2020?

 RP 2020 is a multi-year strategic plan that improves the maturity and advancement of Roland Park K-8 Magnet year-over-year to prepare the school to be a world-class International Baccalaureate institution. It provides a common vision for everyone and all organizations at Roland Park to work towards. RP 2020 is comprised of any parent or teacher who has an interest in contributing to the creation of the strategic plan. For more information on RP 2020 click here.

What is the Roland Park Foundation?

The Roland Park Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization that is the fundraising arm of Roland Park 2020. Parent driven fundraising at the school is organized through the Roland Park Foundation. All funds raised by the Roland Park Foundation support and fund the RP 2020 strategic plan.

Can I choose how I want to be involved? What kinds of volunteer PTSA opportunities can I choose from?

 Absolutely! There are numerous ways to volunteer at Roland Park. The following are just a few examples:

Join a PTSA committee/position that appeals to you. There are so many to choose from - Dad’s Club, Discovery Garden, Great American Teach-in, Teacher Appreciation, Seasons of Giving, Friends of the Library, and Dragons in Service just to name a few. Visit the PTSA website and read the position descriptions under the PTSA tab for more detailed information.

You can also become a Homeroom Parent (HRP) for your student’s class. HRPs are the direct support to your child’s classroom teacher. As an HRP, you will be the teacher’s point of contact for classroom events, teacher needs, and contact for parents. This is a fun position where you get to know the parents of your child’s class, as well as the teacher. You work together to coordinate classroom parties and activities. For more information, contact Chrsitine Casey at  Middle School Parents can contact Rachel Mitchell and Paola Sacasa at

If you are interested in fundraising, parent volunteers are needed to assist with the Fun Run as well as the Roland Park Foundation’s fundraising efforts. Look for organizational meetings to be announced though the school’s communications channels or contact Katie Perkey at if you would like to help plan the parent-driven fundraising for the 2019-2020 school year. Everyone’s help is appreciated!


What about fundraising? How can parents financially support the needs of the school?

There are two major fundraisers throughout the school year – the Fun Run (School Fundraiser) and Parent Sponsorships and Donations (The Roland Park Foundation/RP 2020).  

Fundraising is vitally important to the school as Florida ranks 42nd in the nation in per student funding, nearly $4000 per student below the national average. Supplemental fundraising by the school and parents ensures that our students continue to have the resources they need to excel academically.  Click here for an overview of fundraising at Roland Park.

Can I get a specific breakdown of the amount raised through parent driven fundraising last year and how the money was actually spent?

Parent-driven fundraising provides the school with money to fund a variety of school needs that may not be covered through money provided by the state and school district. These needs include new technology and updates to existing technology, advanced IB teacher training, awards ceremonies and celebrations, teaching supplies for classrooms, STEM and other project materials for students, Fine Arts program supplies and more.  In 2018-2019, funding included classroom grants, technology upgrades and additions, new MYP instruments and PYP violins, teacher training and a covered outdoor court.

What is the difference between parent driven fundraising and the school fundraiser?

Roland Park K-8 typically holds a single fundraiser in the fall of the school year. For the last 4 years, that fundraiser has been a school wide "Fun Run.” Students solicit and receive “pledges” for a “Fun Run” held on a Friday typically in October or November. Money raised through the “Fun Run” is used directly by the school to cover certain expenses it may have throughout the year, including quarterly report card celebrations, teacher training, student and classroom supplies, testing supplies, classroom technology and software and school programs.

The school administration runs the school fundraiser and any funds spent or collected are designated by the school.

Parent driven fundraising is organized through the Roland Park Foundation and funds targeted needs outlined in the RP 2020 strategic plan, such as new technology , teacher and classroom supplies, Related Arts needs, training and programs.   For more Information on the Roland Park Foundation, click the "Fundraising" link on our website.

All money raised through both the School and the Roland Park Foundation directly impacts student learning and classroom experiences.

What are Spirit Nights?

Spirit Nights are community building events that typically will involve a donation back to our school from the business where the event is held (typically a percentage of the money brought in by Roland Park's patronage).  We hold Spirit Nights throughout the year to create opportunities for Families and Students to meet and mingle outside of school, build community bonds and get to know each other.  Partnering with local businesses for Spirit Nights also builds Roland Park's exposure and ties to the Business Community.  It is truly a "WIN" for both the school and the businesses involved.


There are many ways you can support Roland Park.  Amazon Smiles donates a percentage of ALL Amazon purchases made through their Amazon Smiles website to the non-profit of your choice.  Click here for the Amazon Smile site and select "Roland Park Middle School PTSA".  We also collect Box Tops year round.  Box Tops are found an certain merchandise you buy and use everyday.  Each time a grade collects 300 box tops within a collection period, the entire grade "earns" a "NO UNIFORM" day.  Stay tuned for information on additional "EVERYDAY EFFORTS" to support Roland Park.


How do I make sure I receive all pertinent information?

Signing up for the First Day Packet on the PTSA website will ensure that you receive all PTSA information, including PTSA reminders and the school’s newsletter, Dragon e-News. By filling this out, you will also become part of the Roland Park parent directory.

The school and district will also be communicating with you via email, text message, and phone robocalls. The information provided during registration with the school district is the contact info that will be used.

You will also be contacted by your child’s class HRP and grade level HRP for individual class activities and volunteer requests.

How do we give the school any suggestions?

You can email:

How do I contact my child’s teacher?

Teachers typically provide weekly or bi-weekly class emails to explain what is being taught in the class, lines of inquiry and any classroom upcoming events or needs.

If you have a question, the best way to contact your child’s teacher is through email. Please visit the faculty directory on the Roland Park school website for individual email addresses.

How do I report my child’s late arrival or absence?

Please contact the main office at (813) 872-5212.


When is the earliest I can drop off my child?

Gates open at 8:00 AM. At this time, children can go to the cafeteria and eat breakfast. Classrooms are open at 8:10 AM. The tardy bell rings at 8:30 AM. H.O.S.T is available before school beginning at 6:30 AM for a fee. Information on the before and after school H.O.S.T. program can be found here.

What is the protocol for morning drop-off?

Dropping off in carline is the preferred method. As you approach the front gate, pull all the way up to the first cone. Your child can exit the car once you have pulled all the way up to the car in front of you. A school “patrol” will meet you and open the door to help your child out.

You can also park and walk your child to the school or into his/her classroom. Parking is permitted in the school visitor parking lot or Jefferson High School’s parking lot. (Please do not park on the local streets of the neighborhood as it disrupts the neighborhood and people trying to exit their driveways for work.) You may walk your child to the office or Gate 2. If you would like to walk your child to class, you must sign in at the front office. A photo id is needed for sign in. Sign in for morning drop off closes at 8:20 AM.

Where can I enter the morning drop-off carline?

The entrance to the carline is on Manhattan. You can enter from the north or south. Cars will merge into the parking lot entrance and one-by-one enter the drop-off line. 

What is the protocol for afternoon pick-up?

If your child is being picked up by car, you must use the carline with your Roland Park car tag. There is no walking to pick up children at any time. At the beginning of the year, you will receive a tag with your carline number. Please have your child remember this number. Hang the tag on your rear view mirror, so it’s readable from the outside. This is the way staff will be able to call out your tag number and have your child ready to be picked up at their assigned traffic cone. See Pick-up Guide Map

At the beginning of the school year, the Administration will announce a limited number of “spots” for pick-up in the Jefferson Parking lot. Parents who opt for this method of pick up must arrive at the school at 3:25 PM for pick up. Students will be walked out to the Jefferson Parking lot by a member of faculty and parents will meet their child at the fence of the parking lot and walk with their child to their car. 

Where can I enter the afternoon pick-up carline?

Entrance is on Manhattan. The carline process for the afternoon is very different than the morning. Cars begin lining up at the first cone near the front. The line then turns north into the teacher’s parking lot and loops toward the front gates. You must stay in the line from this direction ONLY. PLEASE don’t cut the carline (you may lose all chances of making friends at Roland Park.) Though the carline seems never-ending, our school has pick-up down to a science. The line moves very quickly and all cars will have moved through the line within 25-30 minutes of dismissal. See Pick-up Guide Map

How do I pick up from after school clubs?

There are a few ways you can pick up during this time:

- You can wait in the car line (in the right lane) (which does not skirt through the teachers parking lot).

- You can park in the teacher parking lot and walk to pick up your child. Clubs usually dismiss through Gates 2 or 3 and the Club Sponsor (adult) will stay with students until they have been picked up.

How can I pick up my child early?

You must come to the front office to sign out your child. The latest this can be done is 3:00 PM.

What about carpool?

Information about the district wide ride share program can be found here.


What do PYP and MYP stand for?

You will hear these terms often. PYP stands for Primary Years Program (grades K-5), and MYP stands for Middle Years Program (grades 6-8). PYP and MYP have individual Assistant Principals. The Assistant Principal for PYP is Cara Von Ancken and the Assistant Principal for MYP is Joseph Costanzo. The coordinator for both PYP and MYP is Adrienne Rundle.

How do I sign up for clubs?

The Programs section of the PTSA website has all information regarding clubs (Fall registration & Spring Registration), and is the only way to sign up for clubs.

Information on all after school clubs offered at Roland Park can be found on the PTSA Website: Click Here.

What about Uniforms?

The school uniform policy can be found here. Uniforms with the IB/School emblem on them can be ordered at Land’s End (Click here for the Land's End Website.) Polos with the school’s emblem are NOT required.

Spirit Shirts are sold through our PTSA sponsored Spirit Store and can be worn every Friday.  Click here to be directed to the online Spirit Store.

What is SAC (School Advisory Council)?

Roland Park K-8 has a School Advisory Council (SAC) which will meet once a month.  SAC is open to teachers, parents and community members who evaluate and prepare the School Improvement Plan (SIP).  The SAC meetings often highlight a particular curriculum and how the school is performing, what improvements need to be made, and what successes we can celebrate.  For example, one entire meeting may be devoted to MYP math curriculum, or PYP language arts.  These meetings offer insight into the various areas of learning offered at our school and can be a highly informative way to stay connected to what is happening in the Roland Park classrooms.  If you would like more information and to be involved this year, please contact faculty member Linda McClure at  SAC meetings will be planned at the beginning of the school year and will be posted on the PTSA calendar once they have been set.

Is there anything else I should know?

Please register on the PTSA website: to receive information throughout the year! You can also follow us on Facebook at: and on Twitter at If you have any questions we have not answered, please email them to, and we will respond as quickly as possible.  We may include your question on this page in the future!