What is RP 2020?
RP 2020 is a multi-year strategic plan that improves the maturity and advancement of Roland Park K-8 Magnet yearover-year to prepare the school to be a world-class International Baccalaureate institution. It provides a common vision
for everyone and all organizations at Roland Park to work towards.

Who can participate in RP 2020?
RP 2020 is a think tank. All Roland Park parents, family members, students, teachers, and administration are
encouraged to participate and contribute their ideas to the RP 2020 strategic plan.

When do RP 2020 meetings take place?
RP 2020 originated in discussions with the SAC Committee as state funding for SAC was eliminated. As RP 2020 is in its
infancy, the RP 2020 meetings will continue to take place during/after the SAC meetings on Mondays, once a month at
2:00 pm. Once the structure of RP 2020 is designed, the meetings will utilize technology and times that allow for
participation by all.

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