Hillsborough County voters will have the opportunity to strengthen our schools and community by deciding on a one mil referendum in the primary election ballot on August 23rd, 2022. If approved by voters, the one mil referendum will:

  • Increase salaries to retain and recruit teachers and staff
  • Expand art, music, and physical education
  • Expand workforce development and workforce education programs

Because of inadequate funding from the state and federal government, these additional dollars are necessary to support our school district, the 7th largest in the nation.

Take Action & Learn More:

Visit the school district’s Strong Schools, Stronger Hillsborough page for full information.

Meloneese Beale
Parent Volunteer, Advocacy Chairperson


Did you know that PTA is the largest and oldest advocacy group for children? We are 50,000+ strong in Hillsborough County. And with over 4 million members nationally, we are a strong voice.

How do you start advocating? Be a voice, get active. If you see an issue, be it a safe walking route, bullying, any issue you see that needs to be addressed, speak up and join our PTSA.

How do I know what issues my school may need to address? Our principal and PTSA are your resources. Our PTSA is an active partner with our school and knows what is happening on your campus. Remember like minds and many hands make light work. Chances are if you see a need, so do others. Bring them together and decide on a plan of action.

What does a plan of action look like? It identifies the issue, what needs to be changed, how it might be changed, and who can make those changes happen. Always be prepared with the facts and ideas for what might help. If you need to move up the chain, gather support along the way.

Think team. Parents, educators and others in the community all want what is best for our children. Our PTSA, the Hillsborough County Council PTA, Florida PTA, and National PTA are there to support and help you anyway we can. We do not stand alone when advocating for our children – we stand PTA Strong.

Adapted from the Hillsborough County Council PTA website.