School Clubs

Michelle Rice
VP of School Clubs Program

About Clubs

Roland Park Clubs are optional after school programs provided to those who want them. They are fully managed by PTSA volunteers who work diligently to organize these extracurricular activities. We strive to provide low cost supplemental enrichment opportunities to give students additional exposure in the areas of arts, technology, health, sports and many more.

The Clubs program is a privilege that PTSA enjoys offering to our Roland Park families. We ask for your cooperation and patience in remembering this is a volunteer managed program.

Session Schedule

Clubs Session schedule 2021-2022:
Session 1:
8/23 – 11/19
Ends right before fall break – 11 weeks
No school 9/6 (Monday) or 11/11 (Thursday)

Session 2:
11/29 – 2/25
Starts right after fall break – 11 weeks
No school 12/20 -1/3, 1/17 (Monday), 2/18 (Friday), 2/21 (Monday)

Session 3:
2/28 – 5/26
Goes through the end of school – 12 weeks 

Club Procedures

Second Session registration will open on November 15th and will have a hard close on November 23rd to ensure our volunteers have time to adequately address concerns and make adjustments. Please make every effort to finalize your club choices during this time. There will be no additions, switches, cancelations, or refunds after the 23rd – no exceptions. Students must be registered for their club. If they are not registered for the club they will be dismissed to carline or HOST. All enrolled students will go directly to the gym at dismissal and meet their club teacher who will then bring them to their designated club location.
Note: When you register your child for a club, please include any adults that you authorize to pick up your child. Your child will not be released to any adults not in the Homeroom registration form so please document those individuals.

All fees must be paid through the Homeroom website. There will be no checks or cash accepted. Vendors are not allowed to receive payments directly.

Please be on time picking up your child. Vendors are unable to stay past student pickup time at 3:45 on early release days and 4:45 on all other days. If the child is not picked up on time the vendor will take the child to HOST and you can pick them up there. Repeated late pickups will result in forced withdrawal from the club without refund. If your child is enrolled in HOST the vendor will bring them there.

Each club vendor has a minimum number of students they require to be registered in order to hold that club.  If this number is not met, the vendor has the final decision to continue or cancel that club. Should cancellation occur, we will notify you promptly so that you may choose another club or make other arrangements for your child. Alternatively, once a club reaches maximum capacity, you will be put on a waiting list.  You will be notified in the event an opening occurs.

Clubs are a privilege that we enjoy offering to our Roland Park families. Your child is expected to behave respectfully, with kindness (no bullying), and without disrupting the class. Repeated behavioral incidents will result in forced withdrawal from the club without refund if the vendor choses to do so.

More info

For inquiries regarding needs based scholarships, please contact Mrs. Cara von Ancken.