Car Line Procedures

Morning Drop-off Car Line Procedure

Morning drop-off in the car line (see School Map page for location of car line) takes place between 8:00am and 8:30am — the bell rings at 8:30am (your child is considered tardy after that and must enter through the front office).

Procedures in the morning are fairly straight-forward. Cars may enter the car line from either direction on Manhattan Ave; please take turns letting in one car from each direction. Once you reach a spot with a cone, your student(s) may exit the vehicle on the passenger side. There is typically a student safety patrol helping open and close vehicle doors.

Afternoon Pick-up Car Line Procedure

  • School dismisses at 2:25pm on early-release Mondays and 3:25pm Tuesdays – Fridays.
  • Cars can ONLY enter the afternoon carline from the north, heading southbound on Manhattan Ave (see green arrows in the map above). No cars can enter afternoon carline from any side streets or from south of the school (see red arrows and red X marks in the map above).
  • As dismissal time nears, the car line will be backed up from the school parking lot onto Manhattan Ave and likely onto Boy Scout Blvd. If the line is already onto Boy Scout Blvd when you arrive, please get in the back of the line (which may require you to make a U-turn on Boy Scout Blvd).
  • DO NOT block the intersection of Manhattan Ave and Boy Scout Blvd.
  • DO NOT block the entrance to the fire station that is at the northeast corner of Manhattan Ave and Boy Scout Blvd.
  • Most importantly, DO NOT CUT in line from a side street — be kind and considerate of other parents’ time! All of our time is valuable, and if parents choose to arrive early to get a good spot in the line, be respectful and do not cut in front of them.
  • See the video below from school administration for additional tips.
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