Dads Club

David McNeil
Parent Volunteer, Dads Club Chairperson

Dads Club has a mission:

Serve the students, teachers, administration, and community of Roland Park. We plan socials, host significant events, beautify our school, and fundraise.

Dads Club has a vision:

Grow a foundational support structure with regular involvement with an alliance of dads, kids, and families.

Dads Club has values:

We serve with energy, humility, and integrity as we model the value of education, individualism, and work ethic. Roland Park’s Dads Club values the importance of community and the benefit of male role models involved in education. We understand the wholistic family approach to education.

Any engaged caregiver can join Dads Club – you do not need to be a dad. Step-parents, grandparents, uncles, moms, anyone can join Dads Club! Come get involved – Dads Club meets every 3rd Thursday of the month at Brick House Tap and Tavern.

Sign up for Dads Club simply by joining the PTSA! When signing up for the PTSA, there is a dropdown asking for interest in the Dads Club. Just select “Yes” and it’s as simple as that. This ensures you receive communications on upcoming events.

Visit the PTSA Calendar for all Dads Club meeting and event dates!

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